Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi and the Problems of a Reactive Culture

When you Google Jian Ghomeshi and CBC, here are a few titles that you might find:

1. Jhian Ghomeshi Investigator May Pass Sensitive Information to CBC Management
2. How did Jian Ghomeshi Happen
3. How He Got Away with It
4. CBC Management Knew of Complaints and Did Nothing

Here is one title you will not see:

How Can you Prevent another Jian Ghomeshi

The fact is that there are lots of Jian Ghomeshi's, Bill Cosby's, Ray Rice's, etc.  In fact there are countless numbers of WOMEN who are bullies and abuse their authority.  Yet they get away with it.  Why?  The answer is very simple.  They have power and there are no structures that are independent that will stand up to them. 

Laws in Ontario like Bill 168 or in British Columbia like Bill 14 are in place to prevent them from happening.  Yet, who will stand up to the bully/harasser/abuser if they are the ones who "sign the paycheck"?  The answer is that you have to create and ENFORCE a culture of respect.  The enforcement has to come from an external party.  If not the government, then an outside organization that can act independently.  If not, you just end up creating a reactive culture.  That is what the headlines represent - they are reactions to what has already happened.  Nowhere is anybody asking what can prevent the next person from abusing their authority. 

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